Hello, I'm Ragil Pembayun

I am a UK-based digital marketing & Technical SEO Consultant. My specialities include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consultancy, technical SEO, web analytics, and off-site SEO. I occasionally like to dabble in paid search and affiliate marketing. No matter what the size of your business, whether you are a small-medium business or an international enterprise, if you are looking for one-off consultancy or strategic recommendations please get in touch.


SEO Consultancy

Not sure where to start with your digital marketing or simply overwhelmed by fluffy sales jargon? Get in touch for an honest, confidential chat and find out how I can help you get leads and grow your business online.

Technical SEO Audit

I have completed comprehensive technical SEO audits for companies ranging from SMEs to international brands. Contact me and find out how to optimise your site to rank higher on Google.

International SEO

Expanding your business to other countries or continents? Get in touch and find out how I have helped businesses grow internationally by creating and implementing a proper international SEO strategy in place.

Server Log File Analysis

Server log file analysis, if done correctly, is a powerful way to uncover potential crawling and indexing issues and optimise your site’s crawl budget. Want to know more? Get in touch or hire me!

Backlinks Auditing

Received a manual action notification or seeing a huge drop in your organic rankings and traffic? Your backlinks may be part of the issue. Hire me to manually audit your backlinks to recover your rankings and traffic.

SEO Migration

Let’s be honest, website migrations are a pain in the backside. Do it incorrectly and you may find your leads and revenue hit the floor. Get in touch and find out how I can help with your site’s SEO migration.

Get in touch

If you have any questions please get in touch via Twitter or LinkedIn.

Alternatively, you can email me and I shall endeavour to reply as soon as I can.